Instructions for the Wedding Party and others:


Our time together is important to you and it is very important to us. Below are the guidelines to ensure we are efficient, your style is optimized and it is relaxed and fun for all of us!




Please wear an open front shirt/top so it does not have to be taken off over your head.

Please arrive with dry hair. You may have it freshly shampooed or not, your choice. (there is an extra charge if we need to dry your hair; it is a timing issue for us and we have not allowed for the additional time required)

Please brush out your hair so it is ready to style.

If you are receiving a blowout, (short hair), we will be rewetting it with a squirt bottle.

If your hair is curly and you wish to have it styled smooth, blowdry/flatiron it yourself, and we will take it from there.

If your hair is curly and you wish to have it styled utilizing your curls, do whatever you know best in regards to products and timing of drying to give us your best curls. We all know how individualized this is.

Flat-ironed hair cannot be recurled.

Please have a style in mind before our session together. Your stylist can assist in fine tuning your choice or giving realistic observations. Please note, your stylist reserves the right to redirect your choice if it will cause the entire wedding party to fall behind schedule, or too similar to the Bride's style choice.       Many ideas provided for hair. 




Please have clean, moisturized skin.

If receiving airbrush, ideally it is applied to clean skin. Moisturizer can be applied earlier in the day so it can absorb, but the intention is to have airbrush makeup adhere to the skin, not products, which increases the longevity.

Be aware that SPF and mica in makeup products can appear as white flash in photos.

***If you have a favorite lip color, we can apply yours. We do carry a large assortment of lip colors, but do not have any to sell.  At times we can provide a sample of what we use for you to app,y throughout the day/evening.***

We recommend having blotting papers with you throughout the day/eve.  Blot, don't wipe....and that includes tears!



We are often asked the protocol for gratuities in this area of the country. Yes, we do accept gratuities and thank you


Hope this helps!