Booking Fee

The Booking Fee serves as the agreement to move forward, saves the time on our calendar specifically for you, covers additional stylists that may be required, and administrative time.

** The Booking Fee is not applicable to services, nor is it refundable if plans change.  We try to keep it simple to avoid surprise upcharges, and little add-ons on the wedding day.  Overall, it helps create an easy, predictable pricing. **

Until the fee is paid, the day remains open on our calendar. We work on a first come, first served basis.


"Save the Date" Fee


I enjoyed every part of the wedding planning process with Judy! She was very responsive and incredibly patient. It took me a while to determine the hair style I liked, and she was willing to try every one in the book. She was incredibly efficient and kind with my huge wedding party on the big day. We all looked wonderful! I especially loved her airbrushed makeup. She made me feel very special and incredibly confident. Her team was very low maintenance and treated everyone like their priority. Thank you, Judy!